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Free Personality Quiz

Discover Your Perfect List Building Strategy Based On Your One-of-a-kind Personality

One size fits all is so not your style — Consider this your shortcut to crazy list growth with a whole lot more ease. When you align with your natural strengths and innate awesomeness, email marketing becomes a whole lot easier.

Question for online entrepreneurs, bloggers, creatives, and world changers…

How would it feel to log into your email marketing system and see hundreds (or even thousands) of eager and engaged subscribers waiting to hear from you?

OH. SO. GOOD, am I right?

What if I told you the fastest, most effective way to grow your list isn’t following some one-size-fits-all strategy but actually getting clear on what only YOU can bring to the table?

Intrigued? Good. Because this is the game-changing, super simplified list-building strategy you’ve been searching for.


Oh, hey there!

Oh hey there! I’m Melyssa Griffin and I’ve used what I call “the personality path” to grow my own list to hundreds of thousands of beautiful subscribers AND built a 7-figure business in the process. 

It took me years of trial and error to figure out how to grow my list, but with your personality-based list building blueprint, you can look forward to rapid results. Woohoo!



3 Reasons to Spend the Next 2 Minutes Taking This Quiz:


Your 2 biggest assets in your biz are:
your email list and your personality

Whether you sell custom art prints, high-performance coaching, or anything in between — who you are as a person plays an enormous role in your ability to build a biz that’s not only profitable, but intentional.


You’ll get a personality-driven list building blueprint,
aka the shortcut to infinitely faster and easier list growth

No more guessing games, friend! It’s time to create a clear and purposeful path to building an email list full of people who want to pick up what you’re putting down. And the best part? You’ll learn how to utilize key aspects of your personality to rapidly boost your list results.


This ain’t your average quiz…

Be warned: your results go deep. I’m not just giving you a 2-sentence recap — what you’ll get is a straight-up actionable and inspiring game plan (plus some fun, feel-good insights, just ‘cuz). Think of this quiz as the fun insights of a personality test, blended with the tactical advice from a successful business coach.

Ready to replace frustration with FUN when it comes to list-building?

Let’s do this.